reviews for Tattoo Soap ™

Love this soap! I have a ton of allergies to basic soap ingredients so this is amazing. The soap leaves my tattoos feeling more moisturized/less prickly than after regular soap and has made the healing process easier all around. Plus I love that it doesn’t lather – makes washing targeted spots much easier (vs. getting soap and water everywhere!).
Joanna M

I recently discovered ‘Tattoo Soap’ at a tattoo convention in Ottawa, Canada. I have been getting work done on my full Japanese back tattoo for nearly 200 hours now. Before the discovery of this brilliant product, to heal my tattoos, I would avoid showering. After trying out this soap, I can now say that it will be difficult for me to go back to not showering. The soap actually hydrates my skin in the shower (as apposed to leaving my skin dry). I find also, that the water beads on the spots that I applied the soap to. On top of all of this, the box the soap comes in can handle being in the shower! So I can easily store the soap without any worry of cross contamination… AMAZING! Highly recommend this soap to anyone that gets tattooed.